From small to large systems we have a solution for you:

•  Wired for faster bandwidth and solid signal.
•  Records all cameras in 4k video up to 90 days.
•  Capability of 1 to 256 cameras.
•  Can be rack mounted.
•  Thumbnail function for super fast search.
•  Multiple display outputs with custom configuration.
•  Phone remote view with thumbnail search.

Phone Viewing

Advanced remote viewing includes thumbnail search and separate motion event search.

Local Control

Playback Digital Zoom

Multi Display Outputs


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Is when the part of an image is dark but another part is bright and details are not visible.

Our cameras have special software that allows them to balance that lighting for one clear image.

Great for glass entrances where the contrast between the outside light and the dim indoor lighting can be extremely difficult to view.

Smart IR

Smart IR cameras can brighten or dim depending upon the amount of ambient light.

WDR (off)

WDR (on)

Indoor, with no light.