Surveillance Demo Tips



Make sure the recorder is sending “Master Stream” for the best resolution.


Smart phones & tablets



SuperCam (Free)

◦ Live only
◦ One server

SuperCam Pro (Paid)

◦ All functions
◦ Unlimited severs
◦ Can view full screen holding phone sideways


SuperCamHD (Paid)

◦ All functions
◦ Unlimited severs

Android Phone


◦ Free app with full function.

Android Pad


◦ Free app with full function.




Using Internet Explorer

If Windows Internet Explorer blocks the ActiveX plug…

◦ Click <Tools>, <Internet Options>, <Security>
      Under Internet zone click <Custom level>
◦ Scroll down to <ActiveX controls and plug-ins> then further down to
      < Download unassigned ActiveX controls>
◦ Click <Prompt> then click <OK> all the way out.
◦ IMPORTANT: Close the browser, then reopen browser and start demo again.


Using Safari

The Current demo can only be run in Safari using 32-bit mode.

◦ Right click on the Safari icon and click “Show in Finder”
◦ Right click on the Safari in Finder and click “Get Info”
◦ Check the option for “Open in 32-bit mode”
◦ Now open our demo again and install the WebkitPlugin

For a PDF file of the instructions please <click here>.