Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring for Total Security, Inc.  is handled by a 3rd party company that works closely with us to monitor our customers 24/7 365 Days a year. They handle Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Burglary, Medical Alert, Openings and Closings, Water pressure change, Gas leak, Sprinkler mishaps, Temperature changes.

Total Security chose Centra-Larm monitoring because since 1988 Centra-Larm Monitoring, Inc. has provided its customers with central monitoring of fire, video and intrusion alarm systems. This New England central station provider monitors receivers that monitor over 90,000 residential and commercial accounts.

This family-owned business maintains two central stations in New Hampshire and one central station in California, partnering with more than 500 alarm dealers throughout the country.  Centra-Larm is a UL listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Central Station, indicating that its facilities and operations meet the industry’s strictest standards. Centra-Larm employs more than 75 people who primarily answer and manage alarms as they are received at each of the company’s three central stations.

Digital Monitoring:

Enhance your level of security by having a digital monitoring system installed in your home or business. This system uses your existing phone line and will instantly alert our Central Station in the event of an emergency or threatening situation.

Internet Monitoring:

With high-speed internet connectivity becoming more common in homes and businesses, your alarm system has a new, secure way to communicate with our Central Station. By utilizing the Internet, your alarm system will alert the Central Station instantaneously in the event of an emergency just as it would if it were dialing in over a phone line, but with the speed of the internet.

Cellular Monitoring:

It has become increasingly common for perpetrators to cut communication lines before breaking and entering.  As a result, when an alarm is activated, the authorities won’t be notified. To protect you against such an occurrence, several wireless solutions are available to you such as cellular communication.  This communication uses a different spectrum on the cell towers, no personal phone pan is necessary. Total Security has devices that use GSM (AT&T, Sprint, etc.) or CDMA (Verizon or US Cellular) towers for communication.