Internet Explorer will not run NVR applet

Issues is where Internet Explorer ( IE ) will not run the DVR/NVR software.  I believe this is because of the Windows 7 discontinuation and Microsoft forcing PC customers to upgrade to Windows 10.    The error encountering was “Automation server cannot create object”

Here is the solution

You must still use IE.  This does not work on Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Each of those browsers will try to install an applet,  but will NOT work.  You MUST be Internet Explorer.

  1. Begin by clicking the start button ( or Windows icon ) on the bottom left edge of the screen and start typing Iexplore.  ( This will find the IE app ) .
  2. Right click on the app and click “Pin to TaskBar”  ( This will place the icon on the task bar for the customer. )
  3. Now find and click the IE icon that was just created on the task bar.
  4. When IE opens, click the setting.   ( Gear looking button on the top right ).
  5. Go to “Internet Options” and click.
  6. Click the advance tab.  ( Located on the top right )
  7. Click the “Reset” button
  8. Now put a check mark in the “Delete Personal Settings” box.
  9. Click the “Reset” button again.
  10. Close IE
  11. Reopen IE and start over.