Turning on Push Notifications.

From the NVR interface. Click

Start -> Settings -> Alarm -> Event Notification -> Push Message. Check “Enable” and then click “Apply” to save the settings. Make sure the Push Server Status shows an IP address. You might have to click Test and Apply before the server shows up.

After clicking apply from above you will need to click “Motion Alarm” (this is located on the left edge of the screen). Go through each cameras and select which cameras you want to send push notification by turning on or off in the “Push” column. Make sure you only check the ones that NEED to be pushed or the customer will be receiving too many notifications.

On each mobile device you need to turn on push notifications. From the SuperLive App, click the hamburg menu then click “Push Setting”. On this list, make sure the customer you just setup is “Subscribed” and not “Closed” or “Unknown”. There are several notification option the custom has control over. Also, confirm the phone itself has notification “ON” for the SuperLive App.