Internet Explorer blocks applet from running

If Internet Explorer will not install the applet you may need to adjust security setting.  Only needed if IE will not install or allow the applet.

  1. Begin by clicking the start button ( or Windows icon ) on the bottom left edge of the screen and start typing Iexplore.  ( This will find the IE app ) .
  2. Right click on the app and click “Pin to TaskBar”  ( This will place the icon on the task bar for the customer. )
  3. Now find and click the IE icon that was just created on the task bar.
  4. When IE opens, click the setting.   ( Gear looking button on the top right ).
  5. Click “Internet Options”.
  6. Now click the “Security” tab.
  7. Then click the “Custom Level” button
  8. Scroll down to “ActiveX controls and plug-ins”
  9. In this group you need to find the setting for “Download Unassigned ActiveX controls” and change it to “Prompt”.
  10. Click ok
  11. Click ok, again.,
  12. Restart IE and try again.