XTLplus System

Our new XTLplus systems are built to your needs.
Simple and easy!

• Begin with the XTLplus Package.
• Add only the devices you need.
• Schedule the installation.



• Network Control Panel
• Wireless Touchscreen Keypad
• Keypad Desktop Stand
• 2 Door/Window contacts
• Wireless Motion or Glass Break
• Interior Siren
• Phone App Included
• Backup-Power Supply
• Certificate of Installation
• 5 Window Stickers
• Lawn Sign

Additional Devices

Controlling Devices

Touch Screen Keypad 9862

Wireless touchscreen 5″ display. Interactive shield for quick arming and disarming along with menu shortcuts.

Basic Keypad 9060

This is the control center for your system.  This where you activate and deactivate your system.

KeyFob 1145-4

Four-Button Key Fob transmitter that is portable, water resistant and designed to be clipped to a key chain.

Detection Devices

Micro Contact 1107

This low-profile transmitter is typically used for window applications. It contains a single reed switch that detects a magnet mounted on the window.

Mini Contact 1106

This Mini transmitter is typically used for door applications. It contains a double reed switch that detects a magnet mounted on the door.

Embedded Contact 1131

This wireless recessed contact provides concealed protection for doors, windows or any other application needing a discreet contact.

Glass Brake Detector 1129

Heat detectors are available in 135˚ or 200˚ temperature ratings..

Motion Detector 1121

Monitor large open areas in your home. Triggered by heat and movement reducing false alarms.

Environmental Devices

Smoke Detector 1162

Upon detecting smoke or unusually high temperature it triggers the alarm to warn your family of possible fire.

Carbon Monoxide Detector 1184

These carbon monoxide detectors are designed to same standards as sensing systems used to protect workers in industrial plants and hospitals.

Low Temperature 1106F20

Fixed 40 degree low temperature sensor. Prevent freezing pipes and other temperature problems.

Heat Detector 1183

Heat detectors are available in 135˚ or 200˚ temperature ratings..

Water Sensor 1106WSU

Water sensor for areas of water leaks or other flood concerns.