Artificial Intelligent

Face Recognition

Thermal Camera

A Touchless Design Stand Alone System

Artificial Intelligent face recognition with body temperature and mask detection.  Includes a fast 200ms read time and full access integration with a 30,000 face database storage.  Recognize faces and temperature even while wearing a mask. Let your customers know you’re reopening with a safe and healthy environment.

No Touch Body Temperature

Simply walk in front of the camera.  Place your face in the circle and get an instant body temperature. An voice alarm will sound if your body temperature is too low or too high.  


Get an accurate temperature check even while wearing a mask.

Mask Detection

Mask detection feature can be turned on and off. Choose to only allow access if subject is wearing mask.

Identify face and verify temperature while wearing a mask.

Face Detection

Create up to 30,000 individual employee profiles.

Distinguish between employees and customers.

Identify faces even while wearing mask.

Mounting Options

Desktop Mount

Floor Stand

Gate Mount