Professional Installation

Providing the most advanced surveillance.

• Facial Recognition
• 4k Ultra-Hi Definition IP Cameras
• IP and hybrid recorders
• Remote control from your phone


We recognize people may want to install their own.  Our wireless surveillance system uses a dedicated WiFi network to not interfere with existing WiFi, have a great range and video clarity.  It is plug and play, easy to install.



Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Is when the part of an image is dark but another part is bright and details are not visible.

Our cameras have special software that allows them to balance that lighting for one clear image.

Great for glass entrances where the contrast between the outside light and the dim indoor lighting can be extremely difficult to view.

WDR (off)

WDR (on)

Smart IR

Smart IR’s night adaptive ability can optimize brightness and contract making details incredibly smooth and clear.

Local Configuration

Live View

Advanced Search

Remote Viewing

Both professional and Do-It-Yourself systems include a FREE iPhone or Android APP.  Here are screenshots of our professional APP.