Surveillance ( old )



Providing the most advanced surveillance today.

  • Newest TVI (Analog Hi Definition) Cameras
  • IP cameras and recorders
  • Remote viewing and controlling from your smart phone
  • Email Notification

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Live Demo

Live Demo

Click to see a live streaming demonstration of our new TVI (analog Hi-Definition) Recorder.  


IP Address:
Username:  demo
Password:   demo

Apple Devices

iPhone:  SuperLivePlus

iPad:  SuperLiveHD

Mac/Apple:   Safari

Safari must be using 32-bit mode. 
Instructions<click here>.

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Android Devices

Phones: SuperLivePlus

Tablets:  SuperLiveHD



Phones: SuperLivePro

Internet Explorer only!


PC Platform:  Internet Explorer.  

This is the only PC desktop software officially provided.  With windows 10, make sure your not using Microsoft Edge. Edge looks very similar to Internet Explorer but will not work.