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Wireless Surveillance system with 4mp resolution

•  Network Video Recorder
•  Hard drive, capable of up to 15 days
•  Mouse
•  Main Power supply
•  Two WiFi 4mp Cameras
•  Two Camera Power Supplies
•  Capability of up to 9 cameras
•  Peer to peer for simple network configuration
•  Phone remote view with search ability
•  FREE App


The NVR (recorder)

Phone Viewing

Remote Live View
Remote Playback


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Is when the part of an image is dark but another part is bright and details are not visible.

Our cameras have special software that allows them to balance that lighting for one clear image.

Great for glass entrances where the contrast between the outside light and the dim indoor lighting can be extremely difficult to view.

Smart IR

Smart IR cameras can brighten or dim depending upon the amount of ambient light.

WDR (off)

WDR (on)

Indoor, with no light.

Add up to 7 more cameras for a total of 9
Power supply included




System includes standard installation.

Standard installation includes connecting NVR to existing internet. Must have open router port and power available near router.  Mount, point and program 2 cameras (must be within 3 feet on existing power outlet). Additional wire, connectors and technician time may be necessary for further runs. Monitor not included but may be attached.  App must be downloaded and setup before technician arrival to avoid additional delay and costs.

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