Home Security – Enhanced

Enhanced Package

Control Panel:

It all starts with the brain of the system, the control panel.   This is placed in a hidden area where a burglar cannot quickly find. Unlike our competitors products that contains an all-in-one device placed on the wall near the entry door, in the open where it can be smashed and rendered inactive by anyone wanting entry.


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Here is the control center for your system.  This where you activate and deactivate your system.  From the chime feature to the interactive weather this will be your alarm systems interface.

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Motion Detector:

These detectors see wide areas within the home.  To trigger as an actual event they have to detect motion and heat.  They can be screened at different angles to block small animals such as dogs and cats.


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Entry Sensors

These sensors are small and include a tamper alarm. There are used to protect the opening of doors or windows.

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Extra-loud Wireless siren can be placed anywhere.

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Four-Button Key Fob transmitter that is portable, water resistant and designed to be clipped to a key chain.

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Lawn Sign

Lawn sign to be placed in an area that a potential burglar will see.

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Window Decals

5 window decals to be placed in windows to alert potential burglars you have a Total Security alarm system.

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Virtual Keypad App

Included free with service. 

  • Arm, disarm, and check system status
  • Selectively arm and disarm areas
  • Check history & receive push notifications